Nice to meet you, I'm Hannah, Accredited Coach & Mentor

As a professional coach I support people like you to find their UNIQUE way forward through coaching and mentoring

"Hannah made my wildest dreams come true, I have doubled my business revenue since our sessions and my confidence has definitely improved!"

- Louisa - Donald Stanley -

How can I help you?

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Gain the clarity and drive you need to push your business forward with confidence. Inject growth strategies, marketing expertise and expert guidance into your business to accelerate your business success and your confidence as a business owner.

Life Coaching

Whether you are looking to navigate a big life change or simply want to feel more joy and confidence in your everyday, life coaching is a powerful tool in order to help you achieve your ambitions and get you on the path to the future you want.

Hey, I'm Hannah

And I care deeply about your wellbeing and how you feel about life, your career and your relationships.

Chances are you are here because you are at a crossroads in your life or your work and you feel like you could do with some support in the form of coaching and mentoring?

Well you've come to the right place. As an accredited coach and mentor with over 500 hours of coaching behind me, I help people just like you to find the clarity, confidence and skills you need in order to go after and achieve exactly what it is you want in your life.

To find out more about my packages and how I can support you, click the button below.

Coaching is for you if...

You are reaching a tipping point and you are ready for expert guideance and support

You want to feel less alone and have someone at the end of the phone when you need a little help

You crave the clarity and confidence to go after EXACTLY what it is you want

You want to remove the cycle of comparison you feel and get clear on your UNIQUE path

You're ready to welcome clarity, focus and confidence into your life and to see where it takes you

Ready to find your way forward?

1:1 Business Coaching & Mentoring

As a Professionally Accredited Coach (ICF PCC) and Mentor I support business owners to build the mindset and strategies needed to their businesses.
As a coach I pull on positive psychology and neuroscience approaches to arm you with the skills to master your mindset and cultivate the confidence you need to be successful as a business owner.

1:1 Life & Mindset Coaching    

Life can feel pretty overwhelming at times. If you are looking to navigate change within your life, I'm here to support you with just that.

Whether you are making a career change, navigating the start or end of a relationship or embarking on a big life change, I use my skills as an accredited coach to support you in confidently working towards the future you want and desire.


Some of my past business clients

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Join my next workshop on 22nd September

Want to learn about Imposter Syndrome and how to better manage feelings of imposterism. Join me on 22nd September to find out more about why we get these feelings, what is at the core of these feelings and how to build a life of more confidence.

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